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FGV-XY Series Force Gauge            FGE-X Force Gauge            FGV-HX Force Gauge

FGV-XY                      FGE-X                      FGV-HX

Tensitron's digital force gauges measure from 0.5 pounds up to 500 pounds over several models. Basic models are available with no computer outputs, as well as highly sophisticated units that provide memory, a variety of outputs, and the ability to compute statistics.

Ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand, the rugged, all-metal  construction of the microprocessor-controlled FGV-XY, and FGE Series permits accurate measurement of compression and tension forces up to 100 pounds (force testing 0-500 pounds is available using the FGV-HX and FGE-HX Series gauges). With the same superior accuracy of the DFS Series, the FGV and FGE feature a unique, push-button inverted digital display, permitting the user to read the display in a right side-up fashion. For handheld or test stand mounting use, the FGV and FGE are ideal for R&D, OEM and production floor applications. The FGV Series includes all FGE features plus RS232C and analog outputs and an overload output signal.

Force Gauge Uses
Sample Force Gauge Applications

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