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Downloadable Files: TX Series Dimensional Drawing
TX-R Dimensional Drawing
TX Datasheet


tx series, digital tension meters

Large, easy to read backlit, graphic display with adjustable backlighting and contrast.

TX Main Screen

Display shows tension, name of calibration selected, running line minimum and maximum tension values, and battery charge level.

  • Select tension values to display in Grams, lbs, Newtons, or cN.
  • Instruments come with calibrations for numerous wire and filament sizes.
  • Up to 10 additional custom calibrations may be programmed into instrument. (All calibrations password protected).
  • Choose your calibration by first highlighting and selecting the material (either wires, filaments, or custom), then the units of measurement (inches, mm, AWG wire sizes, or custom). Lastly, select the material size or gauge number, and push "Enter". The instrument automatically adjusts to the calibration you've selected with a full-scale accuracy of +/- 1%. (Full-scale accuracy for custom sizes is material specific.)
  • Selectable LCD refresh rates allow for stable digital readings.
  • Re-chargeable NIMH batteries and power supply provided. Approximately 9 hours of operation per battery charge. Automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of non-use.
  • Instruments may be operated continuously while connected to power supply.
  • All instruments factory-calibrated and ready for use. Calibration certificate included. All calibration values traceable to National Standards.
  • All models are typically available from inventory.
  • RS-232 Serial interface (option). Select data sampling rate from 1, 2, or 5 Hz. Provided with 10' cable to interface with your receiving device.
  • Monitoring tension or speed through the ANALOG OUTPUT (option). Simply connect Analog Output Cable to receptacle located on the bottom of instrument and then connect the output cable leads to the analog input of your measurement or control device.


Tensitron, Inc.'s association with the wire EDM industry, dates back to the original American prototypes for this technology. Specific EDM wire calibrations are entered into these meters to insure utmost accuracy for each wire type. Our TX-5EDM digital meters have selectable values that mimic the calibration protocol for the Wire EDM machine and therefore help to insure maximum accuracy of wire tension throughout its entire tension range.

As a general rule of thumb, the broad scale wire tension range (.004 - .012 dia. wire) for EDM machinery is approximately 200 -1800 g. We recommend our Model No. TX-5EDM that has Special Calibrations for .01 - .03 mm EDM wires; additional custom sizes can easily be added to the menu. All calibrated values are fully traceable to National Standards. Tensitron can typically ship immediately upon receipt of your order.  


Tape ApplicationsThe TX-R series are digital tension meters outfitted with different contact elements than the standard v-groove rollers. The cylindrical, flanged, and scooped rollers are used to measure tension on narrow belts, ribbons, tapes, and flat materials where your critical tension ranges are below 5000 grams. Talk to one of Tensitron's application engineers to determine which contact elements will best serve your tension measuring requirements.  

Standard Contact Elements


The TX-Series of meters provide accurate tension readings for both static and dynamic applications.


Model No.Range ResolutionTension Units
TX-125 0-125g 0.1 to 1g cN, grams or lb
TX-1000 10-1000g 1 to 5g N, grams or lb
TX-5000 50-5000g 5 to 10g N, grams or lb

Application-Specific Digital Tension Meter

Model Description Range in Grams
TX-5EDM EDM Wires 50-5000

Available Options for all Instruments

tx - length of material

When the 'S' Option is added length of material in feet or meters is indicated.

tx - speed readable

Additionally the line speed is readable in FPM or MPM. Minimum and Maximum values simultaneously displayed with the 'S' option.

tx - data logging

When the 'D' option is added, your data is captured using adjustable duration and sampling rates, and can be instantly reviewed or uploaded.


  R   Custom Roller Option
Choose from numerous sizes of cylindrical, flanged,
or U-shaped rollers.
S Speed and Length Option
Indicate real-time speed in FPM, or MPM. Maximum measurable speed is 9,999 FPM or 9,999 meters per minute, however line speeds in excess of 2,000 FPM are generally unsafe for hand-held applications. Read length of part run in feet or meters. Maximum length measuring up to 9,999 meters or feet.
A Analog Output Option
Analog Output Option for both speed and tension values. 0-5 VDC or 4 -20 mA with software-definable ending sequences. Provided with 10' cable. Data outputted at 40Hz.
E RS-232 Serial Output Option
Provided with 10' cable to interface with your receiving device. Select data sampling rate from 1, 2 or 5 Hz.
D Data Logging Option
Capture and view data within a user-defined time window. Select the time window; then select the sampling rate (from 1-100 Hz). After capturing the data, review the data on the instrument's display or upload it using the 10' serial interface cable.

Instruments can be configured with any or all of these options. Note: Add option-designator letter to the end of the Model Number. (For example, a P/N: Model TX-1000-S denotes a standard TX-1000 with the optional Speed and Length function included.)


tx specification1

tx specification

  • Approximate weight .75 lbs (14 oz), depending upon configuration.
  • Re-chargeable NIMH battery assembly and power supply provided.   Recommended temperature range for instruments is 35 - 115 F.  
  • Power Supply is rated for 100-240 VAC and includes several "blades" allowing use with US, European, Australian, and other plug configurations.
  • Durable, lightweight carrying case with protective foam inserts.
  • CE certification complying with heavy, industrial, immunity standards.

tx case

Input real-time serial data into any Windows® application using the optional software WinWedge Pro for Windows®, or configure your Windows® operating system to capture the data via HyperTerminal®.


tx - bracket

Magnetic or rigid Mounting Bracket for hands-free operation. P/N: TX-350