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Downloadable Files: STX-250 Dimensional Drawing
STX-500 & 1000 Dimensional Drawing
STXM-1000 Dimensional Drawing
STX-2000 & STXM-2000 Dimensional Drawing
STX Datasheet
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Digital Strap Tension Meter

Indicate Strap Tension in Lbs, KG, or daN.

Digital Strap Tension Meters are used to measure tension(s) on metal, plastic or other strapping. The Model STX series offers users utmost accuracy over a wide variety of materials.



STX-Series Models are calibrated specifically to your strapping types(s) and size(s) to ensure greatest accuracy.

Model Range Resolution Full-Scale Accuracy
STX-250 5-250 lbs 0.5 lb 1%
STX-500 25-500 lbs 1 lb 1%
STX-1000 50-1000 lbs 5 lb 1%
STX-2000 100-2000 lbs 10 lb 2%


STXM instruments include multiple calibrations for different Poly and PET strapping sizes.

Model Range Resolution Full-Scale Accuracy
STXM-250 5-250 lbs 0.5 lb 3%
STXM-500 25-500 lbs 1 lb 3-1/2%
STXM-1000 50-1000 lbs 5 lb 4%
STXM-2000* 100-2000 lbs 10 lb 4%

*The STXM-2000 includes all calibrations for POLY and PET strapping with thicknesses from .020" - .055", and STEEL strapping with thicknesses between .017" - .044".

Note: Both the STX and STXM series of instruments can have additional calibrations added to their menus for greater versatility. Simply advise the type, width, and thickness of strapping at the time of order.

STX main screen

Display shows tension, name of calibration selected, running line minimum and maximum tension values, and battery charge level.

STX - Data Logging 

  • Data Logging has adjustable duration and sampling rates.
  • Large, easy to read backlit, graphic display with adjustable backlighting and contrast.
  • Select tension values to display in lbs, Kg, or Decanewtons.
  • Select strap material and size from menu. Instrument automatically adjusts calibration for your specific setting.
  • Up to 10 calibrations can be programmed into instrument. (All calibrations password protected.)
  • Adjustable LCD refresh rates allow for stable digital readings.
  • All models typically available from stock.
  • All models factory-calibrated and ready for use.
  • Calibration values traceable to National Standards. Calibration certificate included.

    Available Options for all Instruments

  • Note: Add option-designator letter to the end of the Model Number. (For example, a Model STX-1000-A denotes a standard STX-1000 with the optional Analog Output function included.)

    A      Analog Output Option
    Analog Output Option for measuring tension values. 0-5 VDC or 4 -20 mA with software-definable ending sequences. Provided with 10' cable. Data outputted at 40Hz.
    E RS-232 Serial Output Option
    Provided with 10' cable to interface with your receiving device. Select data sampling rate from 1, 2 or 5 Hz.
    D Data Logging Option
    Capture and view data within a user-defined time window. Select the time window; then select the sampling rate (from 1-100 Hz). After capturing the data, review the data on the instrument's display or upload it using the 10' serial interface cable.

  • Instruments can be configured with any or all of these options.

      Input Real-Time Serial Data into any Windows® application using any number of software wedge programs, such as WinWedge Pro® for Windows, or configure your Windows® operating system to capture the data via HyperTerminal®.

    STX - Monitor

    • Approximate weight is 2.3 lbs.
    • (Weight varies depending upon instrument configuration.)
    • Re-chargeable NIMH battery assembly and power supply provided. Recommended temperature range for instruments is 35 - 115 F.  
    • Instruments may be operated continuously while connected to power supply.
    • Power Supply is rated for 100-240 VAC and includes several "blades", allowing use with US, European, Australian, and other plug configurations.
    • Durable, lightweight carrying case with protective foam inserts.
    • CE Certification complying with heavy, industrial, immunity standards.