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Tension Transducers For Web Applications

Tensitron's transducers convert a material's tension into a reliable signal that can be used for remote indication, high speed recording, computer hook-ups, or as input for automatic tension control systems. Customizing strain gaged transducers for specific applications is Tensitron's specialty.  Just provide us with the type of tape, band, or web you're working with, its width and thickness, and we'll be glad to make a recommendation.


Small Space Transducer with 1
Small Space Transducer with 1" Cyindrical Rollers for use on tapes.
P/N: E-415-003     View 360°

Low Force Load Cell
Low Force Load Cell with 2" Cyindrical Rollers for use on tapes.
P/N: E-091-02     View 360°

S Column Transducer
S Column with two Load Cells.
P/N: E-210-00     View 360°

Cantilever Transducer for narrow webs.
Cantilever Tension Transducer for narrow webs.
P/N: E-200-00     View 360°

Single Roller Web Transducer
Single Roller Web Transducer.
P/N: 4260     View 360°

Pillow Block Transducer
Pillow Block Load Cell Transducer.
P/N: E-202-00     View 360°

Notched Beam Transducer
Notched Beam Transducer with 4-1/4" x 2" diameter roller.
For web applications up to 250 lbs.
P/N: E-095-04-SC    

You need a Signal Conditioner to provide the necessary excitation, amplification, signal conditioning, calibration functions, display/readout and other options necessary to operate strain gaged transducers. 

Calculation of wrap angle forces against sensor. Wrap Angle Formula

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