How does tension affect quality in processes using wires, filaments, or fibers?

Is it difficult to achieve precise tension for your processes using filaments, fibers, or wires? Do you need to save money by reducing waste? Does improper tension affect the quality of the goods you are producing? The use of a tension meter can ensure exact tension measurement and maintain tension control precisely, consistently, and reliably to improve quality and control processes.

Written by Liz on Monday November 11, 2019
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Is It Time to Recalibrate Your Tension Meter?

How long has it been since your tension meter was recalibrated? Tensitron recommends that instruments be serviced and recalibrated yearly. Keep your instrument working accurately by sending your tension meter to Tensitron for calibration and service on a regular basis.

Written by Liz on Tuesday October 1, 2019
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Measure Tension On Cables and Wire Rope

Safely install or monitor cables, wire rope, and other materials with a Tensitron CX-1 tension meter. Achieve consistent tension to avoid mechanical stresses, and minimize the risk of damage to cables or objects.

Written by Liz on Wednesday August 7, 2019
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Safely Secure Pallets and Loads

How can you prevent damage to products and avoid work accidents when securing pallets or loads? How do you know if the tension on your strap or band is just right in order to prevent loose loads or crushed containers or products?

Written by Liz on Friday June 14, 2019
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Tensitron to Exhibit at MRO Americas April 9-11

Tensitron will be demonstrating the ACX-1 and ACM aircraft cable tension meters at MRO Americas in Atlanta April 9-11. You may also see the ACX-1 tension meter in action at the Boeing Cable Rigging Competition. Stop by our booth for a show-only discount.

Written by Liz on Thursday April 18, 2019
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