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Technical Support

Do you have questions about a Tensitron tension meter you already own?

Please call (800) 662-6513 or e-mail us at with your questions. Please provide us with your contact information as well as the instrument's model number and serial number.

Wondering what kind of tension meter you need?

Please provide answers to the following application-specific questions so we can assist you as efficiently as possible.

  1. What type of material do you need to measure tension on?
  2. If it is a round material like wire or filament or cable; what is its diameter?
  3. If it is a long, flat material like tape or strapping; how wide is it? How thick is it?
  4. What are your critical tension ranges?
  5. If applicable, what are your line speeds?

Please provide us with your contact information so we can recommend the best instrument for your application.

Service and Support

At Tensitron we have designed, manufactured, and repaired our products for over 80 years. We are the foremost experts in keeping your Tensitron instrument in top working condition at the most reasonable price. Our service is:

  • Fast: We understand the importance of providing prompt and professional service. As a company-wide policy we aim for a one-week turnaround of service orders.
  • Specialized: We service only our own line of instrumentation. We maintain a complete inventory of parts, and all our technicians have extensive experience in building and maintaining Tensitron products.
  • Traceable: Tensitron is the original manufacturer of its products, so our repairs and calibration comply with QS-9000 and ISO-9000 standards and requirements. Certification of Tensitron's calibration weights meets the requirements of ISO Guide 17025 and are directly traceable to N.I.S.T.

To service your instrument:

  1. No RMA number is needed.
  2. Send your unit to:

Service Department
733 South Bowen Street
Longmont, CO 80501

  1. Click HERE to download the Tensitron Service Request Form. Complete the form and include it in the box with your instrument(s).
  2. Basic service costs US$195. This includes dismantling, cleaning, rebuilding, calibrating and certifying your meter.

    • If any additional parts, services, or documents are needed, their price will be additional.

Contact our Service Department at or phone: (800) 662-6513

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