Strap Tension Meter

Get your strap tension exactly right, every time, quickly and easily, with a Tensitron strap tension meter. Take the guess work out of securing your valuable products.

The Tensitron STX-1 has contact elements that slip easily under materials that are tightly wrapped onto goods. Ideal for measuring the tension on:

  • Poly or metal strapping on cartons or pallets.
  • Woven, nylon tie-down straps or lashing for truck or rail loads.
  • Stiff, stationary materials like fence wire and saw blades.

Whether you're working with pallets of glass bottles or cans, bundles of lumber, crates of produce, or trailer loads of metal; protect your product and staff by getting the strap tension right, every time, with a Tensitron strap tension meter.

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Digital Strap Tension Meters

Digital Strap Tension Meter

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