Fabric and Web Tension Meter

Measures the tension of any width material which is flexible, long, flat and with thickness up to 1/8". Measure paper, film, plastic sheets, cloth, web, loom beams, metal foils or winding electrical condensers.

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The Sheet Tension Meter, Model WX-series, measures tension in flexible sheets or webs which are typically 8" or wider. The instrument is engaged from the side of the material and measures up to 4" from the edge. Hand crafted from solid anodized aluminum, ranges are available to measure tension up to 100 lb. per linear inch or 50 kg per linear inch.

  • Ensure consistency in your manufacturing process.
  • Direct Reading or Comparator Dials Available.
  • Adaptable for materials as thin as paper to sheets as stiff as foils.
  • Engagement and disengagement onto materials is quick, safe and easy.
  • Readings are obtained regardless of meter position.
  • Weighs only 3 lb.
  • All new instruments are warrantied against defects in materials or workmanship for the period of one (1) year

Each instrument is provided with a sturdy polyethylene carrying case with dense foam inserts to protect the meter.

Note: Each instrument is built and calibrated to read the tension on one specific material (and one thickness) of the customer's choice. When measuring other materials, the meter will provide a repeatable reference but not a direct tension reading.


For North American sales, click HERE to receive a quote. For sales outside of North America, click HERE to reach a distributor. Contact Tensitron at 303-702-1980 or sales@tensitron.com for details.

Model Range Accuracy - Full Scale*
WX-50-1 5 - 50 lb. .5 lb.
WX-100-1 5 - 100 lb. .5 lb.
WX-250-1 5 - 250 lb. .5 lb.
WX-500-1 25 - 500 lb. 1 lb.

* Depends on the physical characteristics of the material. The material sample will need to be evaluated by Tensitron.

Note: Accuracy at the bottom 10% of the tension range is +/- 4%.

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