Tension Meters

TENSITRON instruments quickly and accurately measure tension in a wide variety of materials and applications.

Choose between hand-held devices and permanently mounted systems; mechanical and digital technologies, and tension ranges 1 gram to 1 ton. TENSITRON products offer high accuracy, helpful features, durable design, and an intuitive user interface.

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Aircraft Cable Tension Meter

Mechanical Aircraft Cable Tension Meter

Digital Aircraft Cable Tension Meter

Digital Aircraft Cable Tension Meter

Tape and Band Tension Meter

Band Tension Meter

Digital Cable Tension Meter

Cable and Wire Rope Digital Tension Meter

Digital tension measurement instrument

Medium Wire and Cable Tension Meter

Digital Strap Tension Meters

Digital Strap Tension Meter

Shimpo Force Gauges
Shimpo Test Stands for Force Gauges
Shimpo Torque Gauges
Mechanical and Digital Tension Gauges

Wire and Filament Mechanical Tension Meter

Digital Wire Tension Measuring Instrument

Wire and Filament Digital Tension Meter

Signal Conditioner  Indicator
Transducer Signal Conditioners

Process Signal From Transducers

Tension Transducer
Transducers - Fiber and Wire

Remote Monitoring

Tension Transducers For Web and Belt Applications
Transducers - Web and Belt

Remote Monitoring

Textile  Tension Meter

Fabric and Web Tension Meter