Wire Tension Meters

Achieve consistent, measurable quality control with Tensitron tension meters in processes involving all types of wires. Ideal for coil winding, EDM wire, and more.

Tensitron tension meters provide:

  • High precision at low cost
  • Fast, easy operation
  • Rugged, durable design
  • Measurable quality control
  • Ability to store, output, and monitor data (digital instruments)
  • Available in analog and digital models
Need assistance choosing the right meter for your application or ready to order? Email sales@tensitron.com or call 303-702-1980.

Digital Wire Tension Measuring Instrument

Wire and Filament Digital Tension Meter

Mechanical and Digital Tension Gauges

Wire and Filament Mechanical Tension Meter

Digital tension measurement instrument

Medium Wire and Cable Tension Meter